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We welcome those who can enjoy the excitement of discovery and invention

Our laboratory conducts a wide range of research from life science related to life and medicine, such as the development of artificial blood, to biomaterial science which creates environmental and energy materials using biomolecules. We cooperate with researchers both in Japan and abroad and continue to send many achievements to the world.

The characteristics of our research are focusing on biomolecular chemistry, biopolymer chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry, using various knowledge and methods from organic chemistry, molecular biology, pharmaceutics, and medicine. However, do not be afraid of it. Taking a different approach to a goal is a crucial first step toward producing creative results. We encourage attitudes to challenge research themes from original angles and to tackle them differently from existing methods. We welcome those who are interested in life science and have the motivation to develop new biomaterials, and those who have a pure feeling that can enjoy the excitement of discovery and invention. Under graduate students, graduate students, and postdocs can participate in any position. This is a laboratory where members work hard every day through daily communication, monthly report meetings (experiment progress report and discussion), and seminars.

If you want to know more details, please contact me directly.

Prof. Teruyuki Komatsu, Ph.D.