Komatsu Lab Chuo University


What We Work on

Proteins can perform extremely useful and ingenious functions in nature. We investigate new chemistry to create unique biomaterials using protein chamistry, polymer chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry. Our investigation also involves their practical applications in medical treatment and advanced technology.

Development of Biomaterials using Proteins

We are striving to create smart biomaterials by linking and/or organizing proteins in a hierarchical manner. For examlple, hemoglobin-albumin cluster opens a new breakthrough in the development of "artificial blood" and is expected to have many applications in the field of advanced medicine. Furthermore, the hollow cylinder structures "protein micro/nanotubes" programmed with desired functions are attracting attention as a new capture/separation agent, drug carrier, and self-propelled motor.

● YouTubeMovie TV program『Artificial Blood』 Supervised by Prof. Komatsu